Resumption of On Campus Learning 2020/21/22 Academic Year


The University of Nairobi wishes to inform the following groups of students that the resumption dates of the 2020/21/22 Academic are as follows:


  1. TO RESUME MONDAY, 10th May 2021


  1. College of Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences 

 –    Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, BVM Years I-III (3 weeks)

–    Faculty of Vet. Medicine, BVM Years IV & V (6 weeks)        

    -B.Sc. Leather Science & Technology Year I-IV (3 weeks)       

            Faculty of Agriculture:

-  BSc. Food Science & Technology   Year I-IV

-  BSc. Food Nutrition& Dietetics   Year I-III

-  BSc. Agriculture                           Year I & IV

BSc.  Agricultural Education& Extension Year I & II

BSc. Agriculture. (Crop Science and Crop Protection Majors)Year III

                               -  BSc. Horticulture                         Year I & IV

                               -  BSc. Agroecosystems Management Year I


  1. College of Architecture & Engineering
  • School of Engineering:

-All undergraduates and post graduates Years I to V.

  • School of the Built Environment

-Bachelor Construction. Management Years II-IV                     

     - Bachelor of Architecture & Architectural Studies Years I to VI           

     - B.A. Planning      Year I                                     

  • School of The Arts and Design Year I to IV       


  1. College of Biological & Physical Sciences 

 -  Centre for Biotechnology and Bio-Informatics – Year II    Research

- School of Physical and Biological Sciences - All undergraduates & Post graduates


  1. College of Humanities & Social Sciences    
  • Faculty of Arts

      -B.A Hospitality and Tourism Management

  • I.A.G.A.S

      -  B.A. Anthropology Year II second Semester

      -  B.A. Anthropology Year III First Semester.



Resumption of On Campus Learning