50 Years of Excellence Outstanding Achievers Award

50 Years of Excellence Outstanding Achievers Award

Mr. Brian Ouma, Director Advancement.

Award: 50 Years of Excellence Outstanding Achievers Award for: Outstanding skills capacity in resource mobilization for capital projects.

A seasoned resource mobilizer  and skilled architect of strategic collaborations /partnerships and high value capital projects.

Some of the notable  achievements:

1. The construction of the UoN students hostel/ attendant facilities at a cost of KES 4.8B and University of Nairobi Teaching Training and Research Hospital costing $49.73 (KES 4.97B) under the specially permitted procurement procedure.

2. The Engineering and Science Complex at a cost of KES 5,387,601,764 whose implementation is currently ongoing. The funding partner is the French Development Agency (AFD).

3. Has been spearheading several collaborations with local and international partners, for example, Collaborations with International Centre for Higher Education Innovation under the auspices of UNESCO and Creative Technologies, Ford foundation and the Indian High commission among others.

4. He secured donor funding and implemented the development of the first Government of Kenya Retinoblastoma Best Practice Guidelines with the Ministry of Health in partnership with University of Nairobi, further he secured funding for the establishment and equipping of the e-pathology lab at the school of Dental Science that supported digitalization of pathology and allowed real-time consultation between the doctors at the University of Nairobi and the world.



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