Department Heads Sign 2021/2022 Performance Contract

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama led the University managers in signing their performance contracts for the year 2021/2022 at a ceremony held on 6th January 2022 in Taifa hall.

Speaking during the occasion, the Vice chancellor observed that the University has consistently maintained a score of Excellence since the university adopted the Performance management system in 2005. He noted that the Performance Contract (PC) evaluation criteria have been reviewed whereby the previous year’s scores/achievements will form the baseline for next year’s targets. He said that despite the stellar performance in the previous PC cycles, there is still room for improvement.

In the current PC, 60 percent of the targets will be on the core mandate of teaching, learning and research, and community service while the remaining 40 percent will be on operational areas.

The VC announced that the evaluation of performance for the 17th PC cycle has been completed and the results will soon be released in the usual format through a ceremony.

He challenged all the managers to dedicate more efforts and time to data reforms and people reforms to enable the University attain the desired targets.

The PC signing was witnessed by Eng. Kariuki Muchemi, Member of University Council, on behalf of the council members.

Eng. Kariuki Muchemi orated that the University of Nairobi being a public institution, the PC resonates with the public expectations. He emphasized that all staff need to be conscious of the need to use PC as a tool for enhancing service delivery instead of viewing it as a ritual.

He further stated that the PC targets are derived from the national development plan, aligned to the sector targets, and benchmarked with international best practices for high impact locally and globally. He said that all staff should ensure that their performance contract targets are Specific, Measurable, Achievable. Realistic and Time-bound (SMART).