Rattansi Educational Trust Furnishes Lecture Rooms

UoN Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi unveils the refurbished lecture rooms.

UoN Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi through the Rattansi Education Trust has donated to the University of Nairobi 200 folding tables and 400 chairs, and furnished 4 classrooms at the UoN Towers on the 4th and 10th floors. During the donation, the Chancellor encouraged the management to continue working together in unity and to uphold the values of the university.

The UoN Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kiama received the donation and expressed his gratitude to the Rattansi Trust and the Chancellor for her endless support and passion for education and the bright and needy students.

The education trust has supported the Kenyan higher education sector with over 120 million shillings over the last 10 years. It is imperative to note that the University of Nairobi has been a beneficiary of over 70 million. This has been achieved through scholarships for various university awards, donations of furniture, books, and learning equipment.

The Rattansi Education Trust was founded in 1956 by Mohammedally Rattansi and his wife Maniben Rattansi from their philanthropic thoughts. The foundation was set to dedicate its perpetuity to the promotion and encouragement of education of the European, African, Ismaili, Muslim, and Hindu communities.

The Education Trust has been radically set apart from any other charitable trusts aimed at particular races or particular communities by the founders’ beliefs and ideals.

The Education Trust has contributed to furthering the education of Kenyans from diverse communities, backgrounds; especially those from underprivileged backgrounds to achieve their dreams through higher education.