UoN Continues to Rank Top Amid COVID-19 Challenges

The University of Nairobi has been ranked best university in the country and in the East and Central Africa Region for more than 5 years in row in the just released Webometrics Ranking. The Ranking Web of Universities (Webometrics) has released the July 2021 edition of the Webometrics report placing the University of Nairobi position 1 in Kenya, 13 in Africa and 1054 in the world.

Interdisciplinary National Data Center Launched

There was celebration as the Center for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (CEMA) was finally launched at the University of Nairobi. CEMA is a multi-disciplinary national data center that supports the control, elimination and eradication of infectious diseases in Eastern and Central Africa. Established in 2020, CEMA which is hosted at the University of Nairobi seeks to enhance data-driven decision making to improve health in Kenya and in Africa.

UoN, DaAn Gene and Africa Lion Advisory collaborate in fight against COVID-19

A collaborative agreement among the University of Nairobi, Africa Lion Advisory (ALA) and Guangzhou Da An Gene Co. Ltd was signed on 25th March 2021. The signing ceremony was held virtually and present was the VC, Prof Stephen Kiama, Director University Advancement, Mr. Brian Ouma, ALA’s Mr. Wachira Gichu and Da An Gene executives.

Business continuity in the wake of COVID-19

According to, to ensure business continuity in light of COVID-19, PNG companies are implementing actions to contain costs, revise sales strategies, and assess operational risks and supply chain impacts. These represent the most popular immediate measures undertaken by PNG businesses surveyed.

COVID-19 and the onset of broadband appreciation

COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that Broadband has ever been essential. According to an article on there is a statement that says “The coronavirus pandemic isn’t making broadband essential—it’s exposing that it always was” and this makes a lot of sense as classes move online and faculty, students and staff start to embrace online.