Students and Staff Wellness Center


The COVID-19 has rattled the world with devastating effects on the mental health of our students, lecturers and staff. From job loss to covid infections, parents, lecturers and students have been faced with new and evolving sources of mental, spiritual and financial stress. 

It’s against this background the Dean of Students and Career Office has designed a Students & Staff Wellness Centre to provide onsite counselling (staff) and tele-counselling services (students) during this period of lock-down. The main purpose of the wellness Centre is to provide mental, psychological, physical, intellectual (360 degree counselling) as well as spiritual support to students and staff in and out of campus.

Our 16 counsellors and 3 chaplains are available throughout the week both physically and virtually to provide these services. 


For counselling and spiritual support contact us @

Office:            Gandhi Wing Ground Flr – Room G9

Cell-phone:   0716 398 980

 Telephone:    020 491 8121 or 020 491 8114


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