2nd Annual UoN Foundation Dinner

November 17, 4:30 pm

Great Court, Main Campus

You are kindly invited to the UoN Foundation Annual Dinner 2023.


Great Court, Main Campus

The University of Nairobi Foundation is delighted to announce its 2nd Annual Fundraising Dinner. This event continues to play a vital role in our mission to support the growth and excellence of the University of Nairobi. Building on the success of our previous event, we gather once again to celebrate and sustain the impact of your contributions.


1. Celebrate the progress made and express gratitude to friends and partners of the foundation.

2. Showcase the impact of the previous year's dinner efforts, which have been strategically invested in the University's endowment fund.

3. Raise additional resources to bolster the endowment fund and support its continued growth.


"Building a Legacy: Investing in Knowledge, Empowering Generations"


For more information on how to support, please visit the UoN Foundation website here.