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COVID-19 and the onset of broadband appreciation

COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that Broadband has ever been essential. According to an article on there is a statement that says “The coronavirus pandemic isn’t making broadband essential—it’s exposing that it always was” and this makes a lot of sense as classes move online and faculty, students and staff start to embrace online.

University of Nairobi signs collaborative agreements with Indian Universities

 University of Nairobi signed six collaborative agreements with Indian universities. This is in in a bid to strengthen the 60 year old partnership between the University of Nairobi and the India.

This was done when a delegation led by Ms. Dave Vibhavari Vijay, Honorable Minister of State, Women and Children Welfare, Education (Primary and Higher Education) and Pilgrimage on February 14, 2020 when she paid a courtesy call to the Vice Chancellor.

UoN Council launches the 2019/2024 Strategic Plan

The University of Nairobi Council launched its strategic Plan of governance 2019-2024.

“In a first of its kind for a Public University in line with the Universities Act 2012, the strategic plan will be the true north, the reference point for the University radar. ” remarked the Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi.

8,428 graduands given the power to read at the 62nd graduation ceremony

A record 8,428 graduates were conferred degrees and awarded diplomas by the Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi at the University of Nairobi’s 62nd graduation ceremony.

In her speech, the Chancellor had a warm congratulatory message for the graduates.